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Psychology & Yoga Therapy

A somatic experience that takes traditional therapy to the next level.

Psychology & Yoga Therapy offers a pioneering approach to mental health care, seamlessly integrating traditional talk therapy with the dynamic practice of movement, particularly yoga. This innovative fusion not only addresses psychological challenges but also recognizes the intricate connection between mind and body. By incorporating somatic movement into therapy sessions, individuals can engage in a holistic healing process that promotes self-awareness, emotional regulation, and stress reduction. Somatic movement practices, such as yoga, facilitate the release of stored tension, trauma, and emotions held within the body, offering clients a profound avenue for exploration and growth. Through this integrative approach, Psychology & Yoga Therapy empowers individuals to cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves, foster resilience, and embark on a transformative journey toward enhanced well-being and self-fulfillment.


Why Psychology & Yoga Therapy?

Psychology & Yoga Therapy offers a dynamic and multi-dimensional approach to mental health and well-being. While traditional talk therapy provides valuable insights and introspection, this innovative modality expands the therapeutic landscape by incorporating somatic movement practices like yoga. By integrating movement into the therapeutic process, individuals gain a profound opportunity to connect with their bodies, accessing deeper layers of emotion and experience.


This holistic approach not only facilitates the release of physical tension but also empowers individuals to process and integrate emotions on a somatic level. Additionally, movement-based therapy can be particularly beneficial for those who struggle to articulate their feelings verbally, offering a non-verbal avenue for expression and healing. Through Psychology & Yoga Therapy, individuals can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, resilience-building, and holistic well-being that transcends the boundaries of traditional talk therapy.

Meet Our Clinical Psychologist

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Dr. Beth Christiano, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist, Yoga Therapist

Beth is a licensed Psychologist, a registered Yoga teacher and the owner of Clarity PGH. Her journey as a healer began 30 years ago, as a graduate school student at Case Western Reserve University. After earning her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, she pursued and completed advanced training in School Psychology (Duquesne University) and Sports Counseling (California University of Pennsylvania).


In addition to private practice, she has worked with clients through UPMC Health Center, Kane Regional Nursing Center, and The University of Pittsburgh Counseling Center, implementing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. In 2016, she earned her certification as a yoga teacher and, from there, began specialized training in the healing effects of yoga for mood regulation.


She has also completed a Yoga Therapy training program which uses yoga practices, such as movement, breath, and meditation, to facilitate healing. Integrating Western modalities of psychotherapy with healing practices rooted in yoga provides a holistic approach to addressing anxiety, depressed mood, chronic pain, addictions, eating disorders, traumatic reactions, and grief.

Forest Lake

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