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COVID-19 & Other Illness Policies

Illness Policies

As part of our commitment to maintaining a safe and inclusive environment at our wellness studio, we would like to inform you of our updated policies.


Personal Responsibility: While we do not complete temperature checks or have mandatory mask requirements at the moment, we kindly request that individuals take personal responsibility for their well-being. If you have been exposed to any illnesses, including but not limited to COVID-19, the flu, or RSV, or if you are exhibiting symptoms, we encourage you to refrain from visiting the studio for any classes, events, or massage appointments until you are in good health. In the case of an acupuncture or reflexology appointment, please see the Illness-Related Cancellations section below.


Illness-Related Cancellations: If you are feeling unwell, we ask that you cancel your yoga class, event, or massage appointment. Please view our full cancellation policy here to determine whether a fee will apply or not. However, if you have booked an acupuncture or reflexology session, you do not necessarily need to cancel, as both of these services can be helpful in relieving symptoms and boosting immunity. In this case, we ask that you please call us ahead of time and alert the staff of your symptoms. If we determine that a treatment would be helpful, we will work with you to limit exposure to other clients and staff.


Consideration for Remote Options: For those who prefer an alternative to in-person visits, we continue to offer remote services, including virtual yoga classes and Ayurveda and doula consultations. Feel free to inquire about these options as part of our commitment to accommodating diverse preferences.


Respect for Others: In the spirit of maintaining a respectful and supportive community, we ask individuals to be mindful of their health status and its potential impact on others. Your consideration is greatly valued in creating an environment that fosters well-being for all.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we adapt our policies to align with the evolving circumstances. Our primary goal remains the welfare of our patrons and staff. Thank you for being part of our wellness community.

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