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A Different Approach to Healthcare

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Acupuncture. Bodywork. Herbal Medicine. 
Varios herbal tea. Chamaenerion, chamomile, rose hips, Origanum, Goji berries  and meadows

Dive Deep Into Your Health

When's the last time that you sat down with a healthcare professional and were able to tell them your whole health story from beginning to end? 

This is where we start. You may be coming to see me for one specific reason, but my goal is to alleviate your current symptoms while also addressing the root cause. In hearing and understanding your story, I'll work to establish a diagnosis, treatment strategies, and treatment options to help you reach your end goal.

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Kayla Simmons
OMP, LMT, RYT(200)

The details of your health story are the keys to differentiation. And Chinese Medicine theory is all about differentiation. 


-Kayla Simmons


 On our first meeting, I knew that I was in good hands. Kayla speaks “infertility talk” and I never once had to explain what I meant when I utilized IVF terms, something which in the past I have had to do. She listened and normalized and developed a treatment plan that treated me as a whole person. With the help of acupuncture, I got pregnant and Kayla continued to assist me in my early pregnancy to decrease the possibility of miscarriage. I am happy to say that I now have a 3-month old daughter, and I would not have gotten here without Kayla’s assistance. Kayla is professional, knowledgeable, intuitive, kind, and compassionate. 


Your Health Starts Here

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1195 Tranter Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15220

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